Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dear Heart #2

Dear Heart,

If only you could see as far as He sees. If only you could see how beautifully He has ordered your steps right now and understand the beauty behind every single day and moment. There's no such thing as a boring life or season. If only you would choose to see the grace behind every moment of your life.

So, why does this year seem so empty, you ask? Why the set backs and rejections? Heart, He knows, He has a reason for that. He has a perfect timing and a perfect way. Heart, what if you're exactly where He wants you to be? For now, for today? What if you took your eyes off the problem, from the rejection, from that job you didn't get and saw the beauty of grace behind it? That God is unfolding His plan for you and building you so He can build better things together?

He has not abandoned you. He promised He would never do that. He didn't hold back anything from you. What makes you think He would choose to do so now? He parted the red sea, raised Lazarus from the dead, transformed water into wine. Heart, He is the Almighty God.

Heart, I pray you'll be filled with the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. A spirit who trusts in the Lord and allows Him to reign in your heart. I pray that you'll let Him transform your heart, that you'll allow Him to teach your heart to trust in His plans and His goodness. I pray that you'll learn to listen and trust in His voice and to never let other voices drown His.

Heart, you've come so far. His plans will be revealed soon enough. Praise Him, Heart. For He is good and because the best things are yet to come and in His timing, you'll understand why everything happened the way it did.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Understanding God's love

One of the biggest things I've been learning about this year is what love means. I've been learning about the ways that God loves us and how beautiful and wide His love for us is. Below I'll be posting about 4 things I've learnt this year so far about God's love for us. I can only hope and pray that it blesses you and that it speaks to your heart, no matter how full or tired it feels.

  • He waited for us 
I write this first because it's the most recent thing I've learnt. Whether it be waiting for an internship in a law firm (having been rejected by 6/9 firms), waiting for my graduation to happen, waiting to see the Lord's plans for me unfold; just an incredible amount of waiting. Maybe you're waiting for something. Waiting on God's timing.

Waking up with a heavy heart this year has been so common because of my forgetful heart and I remember waking up a couple of days ago saying, "Lord, I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of praying and seeing nothing happen." And while so selfish a thought due to the expectation to see things or even believe nothing was happening, I remember a gentle voice telling me, "I waited 18 years and more for you to fall in love with me." Something in my heart clicked that moment. Something so beautiful in that moment like a sea breeze gently brushing over my heart. He knew me from the beginning of everything. He pursued me from the beginning of it all and He waited. He actively waited and pursued me, my heart and invited me to accept His love.

There's something very beautiful about the way He waited for us - for You, for Me. He never gave up on us no matter how many years it took.

  • His love is unshakeable
This point brings me back to how the Lord waited on our hearts to turn to Him. The years He waited, man if I could say that I didn't do anything that broke His heart, that would be something. But, I'm sure none of that can say we kept a perfect record and never once did something which broke His heart. But, through all of that. Through the years we struggled and fought to do things on our own, through the years we chose to say, "God I know better", He still loved us and looked at us with love in His eyes - His heart burning passionately for us.

I'm always reminded about how the love we show will always be a shadow of what God's love for us is. I'm reminded of how imperfect my love is compared to His and how my love shakes and can be overridden by jealousy, lack of grace and/or selfish motives. I'm thankful for a love that is unshakeable, and hope that it continues to teach me how to love.

  • He doesn't need us to be perfect to accept us

This point ties in with the previous one but a lie that ran through my head is that I'm not good enough. That my grades aren't high enough to push myself into the higher 'league' of law students out there to get an internship, that because I've been so emotionally and physically drained that I can't speak into the hearts of my class in Sunday School...

It's beautiful that regardless of whether these accusations coursing through my veins are true or not that He still tells me He loves me. That He still chooses me knowing about my imperfections. It's so beautiful that we can draw on His grace, His love, His strength and more. Without it, I don't know where I would be this year. I probably would've taken a one way ticket to some far away country to start everything all over again. He takes all our broken pieces, whether it be in chunks or so broken that it looks like fine sand, He takes all of that and makes it all new and showers us with love.

  • He is faithful
This is the biggest struggle of my year. To trust in His faithfulness. My heart is forgetful and I often find myself needing to preach gospel to myself. To remind myself that He loved me from the very start and has promised to never leave me. To remind myself that when love could only make a way, He held not even His Son from us. That He was willing to give it all away because that is who God is - because He is love.

He cared for us and He wasn't just 'willing' and without action. But, rather willing to and carried out what He would do for us. He sent His Son Jesus for us and He made a way. He made a way for us to have a relationship with Him, to draw on His strength, to draw on His grace, to find the promise land right here and now in His presence. He paid the ultimate price for us. He wants us to draw close to Him. He made a way. If He wasn't faithful, then He wouldn't have made a way for us. We just need to choose and press into believing that He is faithful and acknowledge His sovereignty in everything and every circumstance.

I hope the last paragraph resonates within your heart and that you'll take the time and allow God to minister to your heart. 

He is FAITHFUL and He. Is. LOVE.

He loves you very much and I hope the weight of that statement sinks into your heart and that your heart opens up for His love to pour in.

Perth visits!

Decided to finally upload a few snaps from visiting Sugar & Nice, the Perth Wedding Upmarket and Typika. My original intention was to upload a post each (with more of the other photos I snapped) but I'm currently caught up with an Intellectual Property research paper so I decided to put one big post instead and choose a few of my favourites. Visited these places with Suanlee and had such an incredible time catching up with her. It's kind of crazy where we've both ended up after 15 years of friendship. So thankful for her through the ups, downs and plain right crazy moments of life.

Sugar & Nice is a cute little cafe in Inglewood. They have a little section in the back of the store filled with various things like the pompom garland below, terrariums and the like. Was so incredibly tempted to buy one of the terrariums there but refrained from doing so after remember that I killed the terrarium Suanlee gifted me for my 21st birthday. (Killing a cactus, check).

I haven't taken my camera up for a run in a while, so please bear with my snaps!

Food was okay. I was a little upset over how tough my bread was. Coffee was beautiful and Suanlee was happy with her order. I didn't remember to snap a picture of the wallpaper they had up, but they had a cute yellow chevron on the walls. 

We headed over to the Wedding Upmarket at the University of Western Australia after an impromptu detour into an amazing furniture store which we drove across when we were stuck in traffic on Beaufort St.

The Wedding Upmarket was gorgeous, and filled with brides-to-be. I didn't know what to expect, but it mainly showcased wedding setups and decorations. I half expected to see garlands for sale but unfortunately there wasn't any. The cakes displays were so gorgeous.

After checking out the Perth Wedding Upmarket we went over to Typika to have a lunch. Unfortunately the case of tough bread came up again, but the eggs were beautifully cooked. Suanlee ordered chips and the red fruit salad. Wish I could've gotten a better picture of her meal to upload, however my shots were below par so I left them out haha.

After 15 years of knowing each other, it's just crazy to see how we've changed over the years and see how everything that's happened has moulded us into the people we are. Always have such a lovely time hanging out with her!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Undoing

I've been waiting to buy this from iTunes for such a long time and I absolutely love the heart behind this album. A few friends and I have been learning a lot about being undone by the Lord and Steffany is right on point in her album promo about how the undoing is our whole life and how the promise land is right where we are, not at the end. Life has its ups and downs, but the Lord is constant and He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He's the one we can hold on to.

This album is a reminder to me of how beautiful it is to just worship the Lord and soak in His presence and how we're given so much grace. It is a reminder of God being the constant one, that He is the trustworthy one and that He will never let us go.

It reminds me of post lunch talks today after church. A large group of us were chilling outside Chatime at Karrawarra. Senny and I were sitting on a bench and I was giggling at photos on his phone and he pushed me over and I fell back. I was holding onto arm so I wouldn't topple over and I knew that if I let go I'd fall off because of my non-existent core. I clearly remember saying, "Don't let go." It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realised that the trust I had in Senny that he wouldn't let go should be like the trust we put in God. I knew he would be strong enough to bring me back up. But then when it comes to God, why do we doubt Him?

If we truly knew that He was strong enough, that He is constant, that He is LOVE. We don't need to even consider fighting - or in my case relying on my core. The only thing we need to do is hold onto Him because He is bigger than anything we'll ever face. It's all a process of being undone, being further transformed into Christ-likeness - holding onto Him and being in His presence regardless of what life throws our way. 

I hope this album speaks to you as much as it has me.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's not about where or who we end up with. But rather about the process - how we get there. Along the way people will come and go but that's not the thing we should focus on. We shouldn't focus on who left or who stayed but rather what we learnt out of it, how it undid us, how it changed us and how it drew us closer to Him. It's all about Him.
Dear heart,

If God's goodness was based on your circumstances, He'd be a very flimsy shakeable God. And He's not. He's the God who will never turn you away when you cry out to Him. He will always listen to you no matter how many times you repeat yourself - when people turn away because they're over hearing about your struggles. He's the first one to be with you when you feel like crap - in fact, He is ALWAYS with you. He's there with you each step even though it feels like everyone's walking at a faster pace in life. He's there with you now and He knows what's best for you. For yesterday, for today, for tomorrow. You are where you are because that is God's best for you today. It is a place filled with opportunities to learn and grow. Don't pass them by. Be all there.

He is a God who loves ferociously and He will never withhold good things from you. He is a God who prepares you and builds you. Heart, things never grow without rain. He's the God who created the heavens. He spoke the world into being. He defies all logic and reason. Heart, if He can do that, how much bigger do you think He is than the storm clouds above you?

Heart, He's brought you so far. He's brought you through the toughest times, and He's not going to let go of you now. That job you're worrying about? He's got that. He's got a place for you somewhere. And though you don't know where that is, He's got you covered. He cares for the birds and feeds them, how much more does He care for you?

Oh, heart, He calls you Beloved. His. And He loves you so much that He sent His Son for you. He loves you; not loved - His love will never turn away from you. He paid the price even though you chose to buy into lies. Heart, stop buying into lies and believe in His goodness. Trust in His goodness. Jesus was sent, tortured, spat at, His side pierced and for what? For you. To tear the veil and allow you to have a relationship with Him. For you to reach into His grace and for you to be able to be in His presence.

Heart, He is enough. People are important, yes. Most definitely. But, they will never be able to give you the answers you're searching for. Nor will answers solve everything. Heart, delve deeper into His grace. His grace is as deep as the ocean waters. Swim deeper. There will always be deeper waters. His grace is unlimited. 

Heart, He IS. And He always will be.

Trust Him, heart.

Monday, August 18, 2014

If We're Honest

If We're Honest is an album that Francesca Battistelli released earlier this year. I've heard her song "Write Your Story" multiple times on the radio whilst driving to work or uni and it's always such a catchy song and I loved the message it reminds me of.

I love how these verses reasonate so deeply within me!

My life
I know it's never really been mine
So do with it whatever You like
I don't know what Your plan is
But I know it's good, yeah

I wanna tell You now that I believe in
I wanna tell You now that I believe in
In You, so do what You do


I want my history
To be Your legacy
Go ahead and show this world
What You've done in me
And when the music fades
I want my life to say

I let You write Your story, write Your story
Write Your story, write Your story

It's so beautiful and I finally got the chance to Shazam it so I could go buy her music. I checked out the rest of her album, and it's literally one of those albums filled with so much truth. If and when you check out her new album, pop over to her Youtube because she's got little short clips on the story behind her songs. I love it when singer's share their heart behind the songs they write. It's so beautiful. Hope this album blesses you as much as it has blessed me!

The fog will clear

We can often be impatient like little toddlers. We want to know everything, see everything, understand everything. I had a chat to my cell leader last night and this scenario came up in our conversation and I thought I'd share it here.

Sometimes we're like a little toddler. Our Father is sitting at a table working on something and because we're so short, because we haven't grown yet to that level to see, we keep asking Him "Father what is it? What are you doing?" And yes, He can totally answer you, but if you knew, just maybe you wouldn't be responsible for the things you need to learn now. And so we sit at His feet playing, chatting and doing other things but then the curiosity kicks in so we think we're a bit smarter by thinking "I'll grab a chair. I'll grab a chair, climb it, have a look and then see if I want it or not."

So we climb the chair. We climb the chair and we fall. We hurt ourselves in the process because we're not yet old enough to climb that chair. We're not old enough to understand you can slip. We couldn't wait til we'd grown that little bit more.

It might seem like God's refusing to tell you what's going to happen. But, if anything, He promises you that it'll be good. He promises you the best things and He is never early nor late.

Yes waiting can totally suck. You might have days where you curl up at His feet and cry because you can't think of the words to say and your heart can only speak and pour tears. That's okay. Remember, He sees every tear. He sees you where you are. He knows your heart.

"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." (Psalm 56:8 NLT)

Before you know it, you'll see His plans. Let us be joyful in knowing He is in control and is creating something beautiful even though we don't see it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

No Other Name

The 23rd album by Hillsong called "No Other Name" this year at their conference. The album features the vocals of Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding, Annie Garratt, Jad Gillies, Joel Houston, Taya Smith and many more. I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to go to their conference last year. It was such an amazing experience to worship God with 20,000 other people in one venue. It's something I'll never forget. Although I was unable to attend this year, I do hope that I'll be able to go next year.

Koorong wasn't selling the deluxe album the last time I went (not sure if they are now) but it is so worth the extra cost. I love the alternate versions which aren't available in the normal CD. "No Other Name" is such a beautiful grace filled album. If you haven't heard it or bought it yet, I urge you to. I love how stripped down the alternate versions are. Personally, I think that sometimes we get so caught up in how good the band plays, the lights, the slides and all that jazz and miss really worshipping God and enjoying His presence. Stripped down songs always remind me of cell group worship sessions with a small group of people and a guitar and I think maybe that's why I like acoustics so much. Honestly such a beautiful album that should be checked out!

Friday, July 25, 2014


If it is a loss for my own will but a gain for the kingdom, if I am living a life  desiring His will to pass, then it is a gain for me too.

There's days I regret a lot of things. I regret committing to things only for them to be smashed apart. But I realised that today my regret is misplaced. It doesn't belong here and there shouldn't be any regret. Things fall together and things fall apart and sometimes it's just so we can learn.

If everything falls apart but we choose to be open and receptive to grow, even though things don't return to the original state, we won't be filled with regret because we know that in whatever happened, we learned, we grew stronger, we became more prepared for His kingdom. We became stronger soldiers. If we're living a life which desires for His will to pass, then though something could be a loss to our own will, it can be a gain for the kingdom, and the gain for the kingdom surpasses the importance for our own will to be completed.